How to Make Money by Affiliate Marketing – One Step At A Time

Once you know what people are searching for online, you can learn how to make money by affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing arrangement whereby an online retailer pays commission to a website operator for traffic or sales generated by its referrals.You can also set up numerous passive income streams.

What to Expect From This Post

This post has been written for the would-be marketer looking to get started with affiliate marketing. It may also be of interest to the more experienced internet marketer, who believes they are in need of some clarity, support, or maybe additional training. It’s all here in this step by step process, with additional support available from our affiliates.

It does not contain dramatic claims about earnings, but it does contain a simple methodology for going forward. This is the system we used to establish this website, so please, judge for yourself whether or not it works for you. We welcome your comments below.

Step by Step

Setting up a business online is really just a series of positive steps that need to be taken in order to succeed. If you’re like most people, when you attempt something for the first time, or what your doing is not working, then you need a plan. So here’s a series of steps you can take to address your situation.

Set Your Goals

Before diving in, first decide how much time you can dedicate to growing an affiliate marketing business. Be realistic but committed. How many hours a day or a week can you spare. Attacking this on a daily basis is best. It avoids you going off the boil or losing the thread of what has gone before. Have a quick look at the sequence we suggest below, and, within your identified time frame, think about how long it will take you to achieve each step. Then set your goals accordingly.

No Excuses

Write down your goals and stick to the time frame. Don’t let anything get in the way!! If you do have to adjust any of them, (because real life got in the way) rewrite them. Write down why you had to make the adjustment. This should avoid you making flimsy excuses to yourself for not adhering to the plan.

Select a Niche

It’s important we select a niche, in which, we would like to work. A niche market is a distinct section of a market, such as ‘Weight Loss For Men Over Fifty’ rather than ‘Weight Loss for Everyone’

It’s essential we get to know as much as we can about our chosen niche in order to be able to write about it. That way we can help others.

Be Passionate

It’s advisable to choose a niche you are passionate about or at the very least, a subject you want to know more about. Think about hobbies you have enjoyed or work experiences you have undertaken that may have given you an appreciation of a particular niche. Think about something that has always interested you and you would love to research further.

Think Laterally

If you’re still struggling to come up with something, try ‘Google Instant’ for inspiration. Simply type a word or two into Google’s search box and see what drops down. Google knows what people are interested in, all you have to do is match your knowledge (or intended research) to their interests.

Try Amazon

If you’re thinking of physical products to promote, try searching in Amazon. Be guided by their extensive list of categories, then dig deeper. You could also see what’s trending online for some ideas or conduct a search within the popular magazine sites. Basically you are looking for a light bulb moment that triggers the thought “Yes, I’d love to write about that!”

Now Create a Website

There’s no getting away from it. If you want passive income – you need a website presence. For many, creating a website is not a problem. For others, it may appear to be quite daunting. The truth is, it’s easier these days than it has ever been, provided you get the right help and support.

If this is your first venture into website creation for the purpose of affiliate marketing, below is a sequence of steps you might like to follow. If you prefer, not going it alone, take a look at our post: What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Identify a domain name.

Buy the domain name.

Buy website hosting.

Use Word Press to construct your website.

Identify low competition keywords.

Add relevant content to your site through blog posts.

Get ranked by Google and other Search Engines.

Receive regular ‘Interested’ traffic to your site.

Monetise by promoting an affiliated product for commission.

Keep your website up to date.

Take it to the next level

Domain Name

Your domain name needs to be memorable and brandable, and of course, relevant to your chosen niche. So come up with something that delivers on all of these points. Think carefully about your niche. Consider the products (physical and digital) that could be linked to your niche and the types of visitors you want to attract to your website. What is their demographic. Is there more than one demographic.


Buy Your Domain

Then find a domain seller and test your ideas by searching for a name that fits your niche. Try to acquire with one of the following domain extensions: .com, .org or .net

You may have to adjust your thinking several times to achieve what your after. Be prepared to compromise in order to find a name that matches your expectations.

Web Hosting

There are many options open to you when choosing a Web Host. Our advice would be, don’t go for the cheapest. Appreciate, that once an affiliate marketing business is properly established, you’re set for a long time. You don’t want to throw it all away because a cheap Web Host turned out to be under funded. Neither do you want a host that fails to invest in the latest technology and the best technical support, which is essential if your website is to run efficiently, and be protected from online hackers.

Word Press

Without doubt, Word Press is the most popular software program available today for building a website. There are so many advantages to choosing a Web Host that accommodates Word Press. In particular, availability of the extraordinary number of Plugins they have assembled for the benefit of website designers. It would be impossible to think of something they have not catered for, including affiliate marketing.

Keyword Research

This is a massive subject in it’s own right, but it’s important we understand the fundamentals. Keywords are, in effect, the search terms that visitors to Google, and other search engines, type into the search box, when they are seeking assistance online. Those visitors want the answer to a query or be directed to a website that can assist them in their inquiries. They may also be searching for a specific product, one which we may be affiliated to, and one that could sell if we provide an honest assessment of its pros and cons.

If we can identify the exact search terms associated with our chosen niche, then we can help people resolve their issues.

Keyword Tools

Researching keywords on your own is a time-consuming activity, but the process is a very necessary one. It’s more efficient to use a keyword tool.  You could use Google Planner, which is linked to their advertising platform, and it’s free, but limited in what it can offer. There are many paid versions out there, but our preferred keyword program is Jaaxy.

It’s the only keyword and research platform that was developed by affiliate marketers FOR affiliate marketers. There are an incredible number of hands on processes that are very time consuming when it comes to your business. Keyword, and competition research, can now be a breeze!

With Jaaxy you are getting the most advanced, yet useful platform in the world for managing all aspects of keyword, website, competition, and market research. 

Take a look here for a free trial.

Blog Writing

Our blog posts must remain relevant to the search terms we are responding to. If we can consistently help people who are searching online, we will benefit through increased visits. The more visits to our site, the more popular we become with the search engines, and the closer we are to monetizing the site by teaming up with affiliate partners.

Don’t Ramble

Blog posts need to be informative but not rambling. We don’t have to be novelists but we do need to be good communicators. Clear concise English with some understanding of copy writing, will not only grab the attention of the reader, but also inform the inquiry.

Get Ranked by Google and Other Search Engines

Getting ranked by Google and other search engines is vitally important to the whole process of creating passive income through affiliate marketing. Once ranked, we can expect to monetize our position, by recommending affiliate products for good commissions. The search engines are looking for relevant articles that inform. They need to be written for the keyword authors not the search engines. Google will punish the over use of keywords (keyword stuffing) and concocted back links from authoritative websites. Your focus should always be on helping the website visitor with quality content.

Back Links

The use of back links is a complex subject and should be studied in some depth. As explained in this article, you will need help with some steps being proffered. Whether you go it alone or find a YouTube Trainer, or you take our advice is of course a matter for you.

See ‘Take it to the next level’ below.

Start to Attract Traffic to Your Site

Once your website starts to get ranked by Google, and other search engines, traffic will follow. Ideally you are seeking to achieve Page One, or at the very least, Page Two of Google. It’s important that the traffic you are attracting, is of a high quality and will ultimately result in a purchase via your affiliate link. The way to ensure quality traffic is to provide quality, relevant, content.

Now Monitize Your Website

Finding an appropriate affiliate partner can be a straight forward process by, for example, joining an agency like Clickbank. However, we do need to think about our long term objectives. Most affiliate partners offer generous commissions. It’s in their interest to do so. The higher the commission they offer, the more affiliate partners they will attract – leading to increased sales, with just one fixed advertising overhead – you!

Aim High

Remember, thirty percent of $300 is a lot more than thirty percent of $10, and for the same effort on our part. So think about higher end products. Think about promoting regular subscriptions to an affiliated members area. Your piece of the pie could then be a regular payment, rather than a one off commission.

Keep Your Site Up to Date

Once your website is fully established, and it remains relevant to your chosen niche, it will continue to bring in passive income. However, don’t be complacent. Visit your site regularly. Keep it in good order. Expand the content from time to time, whenever you feel it will add value, and it will continue to serve you well.

Is There a Gap?

Many of you reading this will be able to explore, and indeed implement, most of the stages in this step by step process. For some however, there may be a skill gap, or even a time gap (too busy to undertake all the necessary steps). Either way there is a solution.  See ‘Take it to the next level’ below.


There is, of course, a cost implication to growing an online affiliate marketing business. Not a huge one, compared with starting a conventional high street business, but overheads are inevitable.

Primarily, the domain purchase, web hosting, and keyword research tools are going to be to the fore, but there is also the cost of in depth training. A mentor, and an easily accessible support network, can also speed things up dramatically. We strongly encourage our readers to join a proven network of trainers. In the long run you will achieve your goals much quicker if you accept help.

Take it to the next level

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