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Welcome to Affiliate Foundation. Here we promote best practice in the essentials of affiliate marketing.

Utilising the incredible reach of the internet, affiliate marketing offers ordinary folk, like us, a great way to make serious money online.

First, we need to select a niche in which we want to work. It’s important we get to know as much as we can about the chosen niche (through good research) in order to be able to advise others on what we have learned. Next we need to create a website which will carry our blog posts.

Our blog posts must remain relevant and, if we can consistently help people who are searching online, we will get ranked higher by Google and other search engines.  Once ranked, we can expect to monetise our position, by recommending affiliate products for good commissions.

Best of all, with affiliate marketing, we don’t have to employ anyone and there’s no requirement to carry any inventory:


A No-brainer

This fact alone made it a ‘no brainer’ for me, and my son Steve, to get involved in affiliate marketing. However, as the title implies, you do need to start from a solid foundation.

My name is Mike Mainstone and I have been in business with Steve for almost 20 years, just after I retired as a Police Superintendent, here, in beautiful North Wales.  I then took a professional photography course with The New York Institute of Photography, and in 1998 I ventured into the world of commerce, by starting a Wedding Photography business. Steve joined me soon afterwards and introduced a Video option into the business.

It’s still going strong today.

Then we started a network marketing business.

In 2012 we were really fortunate to discover an incredible London-based company that provides all the essential household (and small businesses) utilities for people resident in the UK; thus enabling customers to make serious savings on their broadband, mobile phones and energy provision, via the benefits of ‘economy of scale’ and utilising the network marketing business model.

Our business partnership with this FTSE 250, highly respected, and award-winning company, continues to grow steadily. If you are a resident of the UK and your interested in adding another string to your bow in the ‘work from home’ niche, take a look at :How to Work from Home in the UK – In a Very Unique Way.

Research is key

We have been ‘researching’ affiliate marketing for over 5 years; in particular with regard to finding good teachers, dedicated mentors, a reliable internet platform, and a generous support group. We found everything we were looking for at Wealthy Affiliate.

One of the many things I learned as a police officer was how to carry out detailed research into areas of interest during my criminal investigations. It has also proved to be a very useful, shared skill, in our business ventures too, because without good research you won’t understand your niche, your market, or your competition.

Affiliate Marketing is a great business to be in but, it can be a frustrating if you try to go it alone. We want to help by simplifying the process and introduce you to a straight forward, step by step, approach that informs you exactly what to do next. You will find all of that and more at Wealthy Affiliate.

Everything You Need in One Place

Wealthy Affiliate provides would-be affiliate marketers (and indeed experienced internet marketers) with everything they could possibly need to establish and grow an online business from scratch. Here you can join for free and receive a couple of free domains to get you underway.

Wealthy Affiliate also provides some of the best internet marketing training we have experienced to date. Their step by step approach is comforting and repeatable. They also have an excellent keyword research facility on site, and everything is linked directly to your Word Press structured websites. If that wasn’t enough, their technical support is swift and empathetic and available 24/7

They also have an extraordinary network of support available from other members. Many at varying stages of training development and all encouraged by Wealthy Affiliate to help anyone in the network who might need it.

So why not take a look for yourself at  Wealthy Affiliate

Always Here to Help

We like people who ‘try’ and we believe in ‘giving back’ having learned that success often follows those who share what they know. By responding positively to people’s questions and curiosities we believe we help to propagate benefits.

Our motivation is to help everyone we meet who are committed to learning or improving their affiliate marketing skills. It has taken us a lot of years to research the essential elements of both online and offline businesses and it would be mean not to share what we have learned.

So, if you ever need a hand or have any questions, please leave your comments below and we will be more than happy to help out.

Here’s to Our Success,

Mike and Steve


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